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Accounts Protected
We have a mission to protect a minimum of 100,000 wallets. Many assets or few, rich or poor, everyone deserves protection and peace of mind at all times. KillSwitch is wallet agnostic, meaning the wallet used doesn't dictate our ability to protect it.
Chains Monitoring
While the chains available are limited at launch, we have a goal of offering these protective services on every chain available. Our infrastructure was built with scaling and dynamic coverage in mind and we have every intention of putting it to work.
Binance Smart Chain
Avalanche C-Chain
Notifications Delivered
Notification monitoring is active 24/7. Whether you're sleeping, making a meal for your family or on a multi-week technology free vacation, you can be sure that KillSwitch is firing on all cylinders to provide the peace of mind necessary to accompany self-custody ownership.
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